Daughters of the Holy Cross

The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross  (Chapter in progress)

The Daughters of the Holy Cross is an order in the Anglican Church. We are women dedicated to prayer, study, evangelism and service. The Vision of the Order is to gather Anglican women and girls into a Nurturing and Empowering community called to be servants of Jesus as He unites and builds up His Body, the Church. To become Daughters of the Holy Cross, one must study the Daughters Handbook and Study Guide. Daughters learn how to nurture others, to help them to grow and to develop in their walk with our Lord Jesus as well as how to empower others, to equip them as the Holy Spirit equips us to spread the ”Good News” of Jesus Christ. We are called to serve others. One of the ways we can serve others is to care for them and to help provide for others including to put on the receptions following a funeral or memorial service as well as for happier occasions.