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Kairos is the term used in a special Prison Ministry. God’s special timing in the life of an inmate. A time when men from the community take time (Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening) and bring the love of Jesus into the Devil’s playground – state and federal prisons. Here thy show that Jesus loves them and will forgive them and no matter what they did before they can still be forgiven. Lives are changed. They are given the tools to walk with Jesus even in the darkest places. They now have fellow believers who can hold them accountable and whom thy can hold accountable. Some will go on to walk the streets on the outside. They will have the tools and the faith to make it on the outside. Others will never see beyond the walls. But they too now live in freedom. The freedom that is found in Jesus. All because men cared. All because some men believed Jesus when he said- “Go and tell the gospel”. All because he told them to go to the prisons This ministry desperately needs man. Men like you.